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Organist performance at Jukkasjärvi Church

Jukkasjärvi Church is situated in the small village of Jukkasjärvi, Norrbotten, with the oldest parts of the church dating back to the early 17th century. The main claim to fame of Jukkasjärvi church is a triptych altarpiece artwork by Bror Hjorth, which was donated to the church by LKAB (Sweden’s state-owned mining company) to commemorate its 350th anniversary in 1958.

Audio from Organ Recital, Luleå Biennial 2022 by organist Robert Pauker.

Track list as follows:

  1. Goahtoeanan (Mitt hemland), Lars Wilhelm Svonni (f 1946), arr: Kristina Shtegman (f 1972)
  2. Sonata del Principe, Domenico Zipoli (1688-1726)
  3. Retirada Del Emperador De Los Dominios De Sua Santidad, Domenico Zipoli
  4. Schmücke dich, o liebe Seele (Kläd dig, själ, i högtidskläder) BWV 654, Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)
  5. Soave (för piano, 1947), Bror Axel “Lillebror” Söderlundh (1912-1957)
  6. Fuga i G-dur (BWV 576), Johann Sebastian Bach

Organist performance at Jukkasjärvi Church is part of Urgent Pedagogies Issue#6: Earthed Imagination



and this is such a giveaway: if anyone uses this expression, “this or that side of the border”, you are talking to a Sámi. You don’t live in Russia, Finland, Sweden or Norway, you live “on the Finnish side”. It’s really just the same place. A lot of borders have been thrown in at various times in history, though.

Robert Pauker

is a composer, organist and musician based in Kiruna, Sweden.


Luleå Biennial 2022, Craft & Art:

Christina Zetterlund, Onkar Kular

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